BradPM commented:
Amazon stock will need to prove itself with real profits, otherwise the stock will slide down in a crash just as fast.
Mick McL commented:
Britain should have exited from the EEC long time ago. How can any country support incessant migration of European migrants using free health service.
CDunn commented:
Voters should pass the basic competency test, basic questions like what is 2+2 and how many zeros in a million.
Trudi D commented:
Time to pack your bags and travel the world. Be in love with the whole world.
Marika MC commented:
Those who love guns suck the gun barrel, may have latent inadequacy issues.
Marika MC commented:
Nice to see Yoga is making the world a better place and people healthier and happier.
@arounddaweb commented:
There is still too much oil so the crude may drop again.
JayL commented:
Forget the Brexit vote. Britain was doing great before EEC and will do better without the siesta loving South Europeans. UK is powered by millions of Indians.
BethR commented:
Pres Obama should be angrier to the perpetrators than Donald Trump, who is a great American.
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